Friday, June 11, 2010

One Year of UPA… Promises & Reality!

Congress Election
Manifesto Promises


Guarantee the maximum possible security to each and every citizen

Cross Border Terrorism has come down but is compensated by more Naxal Terror attacks. Citizens continue to die like lambs being slaughtered. Do we talk of what is happening in NE?

We will accelerate the process of police reforms.

Have a look into their homes. See the misery and pain. Why are there 2, 67,000 vacancies? Police stations equipped with 'outdated' weapons: CAG

More specialist battalions will be raised and positioned in key locations across the country

How many Battalions have been raised? Refer to above comment.

We will ensure the highest level of defense preparedness and also take further steps for the welfare of the defense forces and their families.

Does preparedness not cover border roads too? Why 97% funds have been returned/

Modernization of our defense forces has resumed substantially. This will continue at a rapid pace

What facilities and training are our forces getting? Why do our jawans have to battle malaria along with Maoists? Why do they get killed defenselessly? Why do they have to walk miles and miles? Defense allocation pegged at Rs1,47,344 crore in 2010-11 against Rs1,41,703 crore in the previous year. Of this, capital expenditure would account for Rs60,000 crore. So after taking inflation into account, the graph has actually nose dived!

Ex-servicemen constitute a large cadre of dedicated and trained persons. We will utilize them extensively in crucial nation-building tasks.

Where are they being used?

We will build on the success of the NREGA and take the scheme forward. Minimum 100 days work @ Rs 100 per day.


A government-sponsored study on the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act has found large-scale corruption and irregularities in the implementation of the programme in several states with authorities in some areas misappropriating' central funds and threatening workers to keep their mouth shut.

Along the lines of NREGA, we will enact a National Food Security Act. 25 kgs of rice or wheat per month at Rs 3 per kg to BPL families. Subsidised community kitchens will be set up in all cities for homeless people and migrants.

The government has not opened community kitchens for the downtrodden across the country. Similarly, it is still in the brooding mode over the much-touted food security law.

We will ensure comprehensive social security to those at special risk.

National Social Security Fund in un organised sector to be set up with an initial corpus of Rs 1,000 crore. Too early to comment. All the best UPA2

We will be make quality education affordable to everyone

Right to Education is easier on the paper than on the ground. If at all the government shows serious initiative to implement them it will take years before they are launched on the ground. Till then they will remain part of the rhetoric.

We will continue to pursue an independent, pro-India foreign policy.

The Congress has always upheld India's supreme national interests and has often braved criticism and opposition both at home and abroad in defending the country's interests. At the same time, we has always believed that it is India's historic destiny to be engaged and connected with the rest of the world and, in particular, with the countries of Asia.

China- It continues to violate our borders, making roads close to the border, hack our systems and continues to say Arunachal is theirs. No forceful rebuttal. We are still to forcefully build roads which can help our army.97% Funds for Border roads unutilized and returned!(CAG Report).

Nepal- A disaster all the way. China making inroads fast and UPA is watching with impotent silence.

Pakistan- Do we have to say anything?

Bangladesh- Illegal migration into India has been allowed by the Congress in Assam and Communists in Bengal. FOR POLITICAL GAIN.

Australia- What have we done to browbeat the Australian government in protecting our people? Issued a travel advisory!

Cases like UK insulting our shooters and Canada insulting BSF have become frequent.

Africa- We are missing out heavily in expanding our sphere of influence in various African countries. China is making hay while the sun is shining.

We will bring a sharp focus on the special needs of children, especially the girl child


We will connect all villages to a broadband network in three years time

17000 crore is lying for this use. One year has gone. Sachin Pilot 2 years to go. Go for It! Revolutionalise India.

We will pursue judicial reforms to cut delays in courts.

The Gram Nyayalaya Act, a key promise of our 2004 Manifesto, was passed by Parliament last year. Setting up of Gram Nyayalayas at the headquarters of the intermediate panchayats and mobile courts in the rural areas will bring speedy justice.

Around 1.75 lakh /2.5 lakh under trials are expected to be freed by the middle 2010. Good Move. One month for middle of the year to be completed! Hurry.

Gram Nyayalaya- Lot to be done till they can be termed a success.

The Congress will ensure that the Bill for reserving 33% of the seats in the Lok Sabha and the State legislatures is passed in the 15th Lok Sabha and that the elections to the 16th Lok Sabha are held on the basis of one-third reservation for women.

There are many issues which have to be taken care of. It is not all that cozy that it looks. A modified approach is needed. Won't a present M.P be least interested if he knows that next time he will not get elected from his seat as it will fall into the quota? Won't work suffer? And what about the women of the weaker sections?

The Congress also proposes to reserve one-third of all central government jobs for women.

Let's see the percentage in 2014!

The Congress will intensify the involvement of overseas Indians in development.
A number of measures have been taken to protect the interests of lakhs of Indian workers in the Middle East.

5%of the NRIs there earn enough to lead a normal life on return to India.

More steps needed to prevent exploitation of Indians.

We will expand schemes for improving well-being of farmers and their families

We have increased the MSP for the Farmers

And the farmers continue to die in masses, every day. Do you have sensitivities? Is there a change in life style of farmers? How many farmers lead a good life? Please give us figures.

See the Gap between MSP and MRP. Who benefits? Not farmers. Not consumers. Only Middlemen!

Read More

We will guarantee health security for all

The National Rural Health Mission has already begun to make a noticeable impact and will be implemented with an even greater sense of urgency.

The Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana introduced by the Congress-led UPA Govt offers health insurance for poor families. Congress pledges that every family living below the poverty line will be covered by the RSBY over the next three years. Every district headquarters hospital will be upgraded to provide quality heath facilities to all.

The government's allocation for healthcare remains a paltry 0.36 percent of GDP in the 2010-11 budget down from 0.37% in 2009-10. We are still very far from the three percent of GDP that needs to be allocated to the healthcare system to provide quality basic healthcare for all and to start to improve India's very poorly performing health care system

Severe shortages of Doctors including dentists and Nurses. Why UPA1 neglected this critical fact and why UPA2 is in a cocoon state on this?

Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana- A very good scheme and already 12 million people have received cards! Good show. Hope this expands to all poor people across India.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Report Card of Congress led UPA2

Price Rise:
At the time of May 2009 poll, the UPA had promised a number of ambitious programmes in the first 100 days of its second term in office. They all remain on paper, but the most glaring is the failure to reduce the price of essential commodities. Food items have become costlier and scarcer during the second term of the UPA. Never before the centre looked so puzzled and helpless before price rise of food articles. As a consequence, the food inflation has been hovering around an unprecedented 18 per cent under the UPA.

Scams Galore: The UPA-II had a huge share of scams to discredit it. The IPL scam, the 2G spectrum scam and the phone snooping controversy, The Madhu Koda scandal, The Wheat scam (For instance, Cargill purchased good quality grains from Indian farmers at Rs 8 to 8.50 per kg while the government has placed orders for import of wheat from Cargill Inc. at Rs 16 per kg. )and Rice scams. The government’s handling of the CBI in the investigating agency’s probe into numerous scandals like disproportionate assets of Lalu Yadav, Mulayam Singh and Mayawati has proved how low the UPA can stoop to shield itself from political threats by misusing and compromising the impartiality and independence of the central agency. Equally controversial was the CBI role in burying the Bofors investigation.

1. Minority Affair Ministry: The Social condition of Minority is deteriorating day by day. Congress wants to play the minority card in every election by inflicting fear and chaos among the minority towards majority. Congress always advertises itself as priest of minority in India. If congress is in vanguard in safeguarding the minority of India then why most of the minority in India are still living below the average poverty and why congress has been carried out any program to life the social status of Muslims in India. Out of 63 years post independence 80% India was under direct rule of Congress then what does Ranganath Mishra Report mean on status of minority? Congress party always create animosity among the Muslims and Hindus in India so they can get the benefit out of hostility between the two communities.

2. UPA came though collision and poor quality of elections. Man Mohan Singh was put forward as Mr. Clean and so called expert. He was neutral and harmless to Sonia Household and other rivals in congress. It does not trust its own allies. RJD, SP and BSP voted in favour of government during cut motion despite this Rahul Gandhi speaks of going solo in upcoming state polls in Bihar & UP. Congress does not trust Trinmool Congress but supports corrupt ministers like Raja for the support of DMK. It’s a virtually allies v/s Congress party like situation at Centre.

3. Dr could not alter anything even by a bit. Instead it is worsening. All this goof up when our PM is an Economist from Oxford, Home Minister from Harvard and Montek from World Bank + we have a lot of professors from Cornell etc. ...................All theory and no practicality ! Our current Prime Minister is a typical case of good brand & poor performance!

4. His government still continues to call J & K and Naxalite problem as typical law order problem. No changes could be brought by him in 7 years period. When government launched the Maoist offensive, it was clueless that the entire battalion would be wiped off! It just expressed its regrets!

5. Poverty line : According to Suresh Tendulkar committee report , poverty line for the rural areas is Rs. 15 and Rs. 19 in Urban areas. Whereas , according to Arjun Das Gupta , any one earning less than Rs. 20 per day falls below the poverty line

What can you get in Rs. 20 per day per person: ( Tea one cup Rs. 2 , Lunch Rs 10 , Tea evening Rs. 2 Dinner Rs. 10 ) This is the cheapest meal option ( Though ,we still have to find a stall that can serve you such cheap meals ). Also, with this, we must highlight the following daily requirements: 1. Breakfast – Rs.5/- 2. Lunch – 10 Rs. 3. Evening tea and something to eat – Rs. 5/- 4. Dinner – Rs. 10/- 5.Clean water to drink , and taking care of the basic hygienic – Rs. 2 6. Clothes to wear with washing Rs. 5 Per day ( at least 1500 per year – two sets of an upper garment and an under garment and daily washing will need a minimum earning of Rs. 5 day ) 7. Healthcare & Savings for unforeseen contingencies (Rs. 5 per day ) 8.Travel for going to take meals or get to work for earning the daily subsistence is not accounted for 9. Shelter to sleep, with bed sheet and seasonal clothing for winter and rain – 5 Rs / day One needs at least Rs. 37-50 per day to stay alive on the basics necessities of life On what basis the government calculates the BPL?.

Agriculture land is diminishing and its productivity is very poor. There is no evidence of his government doing basic work in this sector. On other hand agro land is being recklessly converted for profiteering MNCs and Indian businessmen for malls and opulent townships for a fraction of Indians. Result- both agriculture and price situation has worsened and gone out of hand. It is simple brainless functioning and anti-national.

6. Repeatedly CJIs have been mentioning that judiciary needs expansion and reforms and it costs a just few thousand crores every year. But it is surprising that Manmohanji has not bothered at all in this direction. Without fair, fast and clean judicial system how law and order can be controlled? Why he has not done anything he owes explanation to nation.

7. It is praised that he succeeded in recovery from recession. Where was recession in India? India and china type countries can’t have recession internally. It was in USA and Europe. Even if we assume it was, okay who benefited? Corporations who have thrown outstanding profit results in last many years. So again this profit came from citizens. These profits have not come from significant productivity rise but by price rise and profiteering and incentives given at cost of common man.

8. Clueless government
The 3G auction was expected to raise about Rs.32000.00 crore and it raised about Rs.69000.00 crore !! Normally , the statistical error is expected to be + or – 5 % , and that is the standard accepted level of error. If the government’s projections were left behind by a whopping 100 % , what do you call such a government ? Pranab da can rejoice, but not because of his colleagues or his planning!


Same happens for inflation : Since the UPA government has taken over in May 2009, the inflation has touched double digits , Government talks like an astrologer that the inflation will come down in the next 6 months ( and this has been the talk for the last one year ! ). It does not tell why and how will the inflation come down? Also, what is the government doing to bring the inflation down? The government is heavily depending upon the divine intervention (rain God ). Time to think practically, and work more Dr.Singh !

9. Glaring Foreign Policy Failures: His government has completely failed to make any progress in normalising relation with neighbouring countries and China. Merely wagging tails before USA and its institutions is not diplomacy and beneficial to India.

10. Schemes like NREGA are badly conceived and badly managed. Half of this money is going in pockets of politicians and babus. The only beneficiaries of these schemes are corrupt politicians and babudom. No wonder prices are going up due to fiscal deficit and reckless multiple taxation started in country.

11. Health Care- By providing only 0.36% to healthcare (we need 3% and not addressing the huge paucity of trained nurses and doctors, this government shows how serious it is on healthcare for the poor. Developing six AIIMS at a cost of hundreds of crores of rupees is more grandiose than useful.

12. Equally dismal is the government record on providing safe drinking water, developing infrastructure and providing affordable health care. The much-touted road projects are mired in controversy within the cabinet with the Minister for Environment and Minister for Shipping and Transport pulling in opposite directions.

13. Divided House: Not a day passes without reports of one or the other of its ministers sparring at another or a party functionary. Jairam Ramesh’s criticism of the Home Minister in a foreign country hit headlines. Similarly, the Congress was leaking scandalous stories about the NCP ministers to the media—be it on import-export of food articles or the civil aviation or IPL. The Congress double-talk on terror and the Maoist menace has considerably undermined the Home Ministry and compromised the internal security of the country.

A section of the ruling party seems to be cohorts with the Maoists and Islamist fundamentalists. They ventilate the agenda of the underground enemies of the nation from the official pulpit and frustrate the efforts of the security forces.

14. Failure in fund utilisation:A CAG report said over one lakh crore is being returned as unspent plan funds every year as programmes remain on paper. Another CAG report revealed that 97 per cent of funds earmarked for border roads remained unspent Most other departments have similar tales to tell.

If we conclude, Manmohan is nothing but a paper tiger and paper expert, he has no freedom to even act, he has outdated bureaucratic functioning, he lacks typical political leader's stature, grass root work and superior vision and over all, the UPA government is a miserable failure.

Mere GDP growth rate is not achievement. Anyone can do it without thinking of consequences social, financial, economic and environmental.

Police stations equipped with 'outdated' weapons: CAG

Notwithstanding increasing terror threats, police Stations across the country are still depending on "outdated" weapons as the availability of sophisticated arms was "far below" the actual requirement.

According to the Comptroller and Auditor General, the weapons procurement data on each state showed that sophisticated arms like AK-47, 7.62mm SLR and 5.56mm INSAS rifle were far below the requirement of the states.

"As a result, police stations continued to depend on outdated weapons," the CAG said in its 'Audit Evaluation of Modernisation of Police Force in India' report.

Providing examples, the report said that adequate weapons were not supplied to extremist prone police stations in West Bengal while there was a shortage of 9,540 sophisticated arms in Rajasthan.

The report also pointed out that AK-47 rifles were placed at the disposal of bodyguards of VIPs in violation of Home Ministry's instructions. "In Uttar Pradesh, outdated .303 bore rifles and .410 muskets were in use," it said.

The CAG also found a case in Kerala where 1,000 second hand rifles were procured for Rs 50 lakh from Assam Rifles when the government had earmarked Rs 25 lakh for procuring 100 7.62 mm SLRs.

Another case was in Karnataka where 1,406 weapons were received in police units as against a requirement of 2,236. Out of the 1,406 weapons, only 242 were distributed for want of trained personnel.

Noting that the modernisation of police force scheme offers to replace "outdated and unserviceable" weapons with sophisticated ones, the report said that instances of issue of expired ammunition were also detected during the audit.

"In some cases these weapons were supplied to body guards of Superintendents of Police in violation of Home Ministry's guidelines. Retention of sophisticated weapons in the armoury of police reserve is another regular feature," it said.

The CAG also noted that weapons procured were mostly kept in district police headquarters, with the report specifically mentioning Andhra Pradesh in this connection.

Even where sophisticated arms were provided, the police personnel were not adequately trained in their use, it added.

One Year of Congress led UPA2- Promises and Realities

Aam Admi Ke Badhte Kadam, Har Kadam Par Bharat Buland

This is a Divided, Non-Progressive & unholy alliance = Total Failure on all fronts!
The Government is led by an indecisive and authority less PM Manmohan Singh and the result is a non serious cabinet – Be it Agriculture, Home, Foreign Affairs – All of them a complete failure.

The funny thing is – People at Large belonging to the Urban middle class upwards are still extremely fascinated by the Humble, Intelligent looks of this helpless Prime minister. Here is another effort to project the true image of UPA, Its PM and Cabinet Ministers.

Open Letter to Mr. Man Mohan Singh; Prime minister of India

Dr. Singh, you are known for knowledge, integrity and obedience to 10 Janpath. But that is no measure of your performance. we tried to rate you on the following parameters as a Prime Minister of India on a 10 marks report card for each of the following key performance Indicators:

1. Performance on national integrity & Secularism: 00/10 ( India is fast becoming regional – A dangerous sign that can split India )

2. Performance on Preparedness for war – defense capability – 2/10
3. Performance on population control: 00/10 (What control?)

4. Performance on forecasting, identifying key priorities: 2/10.

5. Performance on preparation and pro-activeness of the government for unforeseen contingencies: 00/10

6. Performance on action time from the time of identification of problem: 3/10.(all talk no result yet- remember 100 days promise to bring down price rise?)

7. Performance on Team work: 3 /10. (Your colleagues clean dirty laundry in public-Team spirit?)

8. Performance on foreign policy: 0.5 /10 ( 0.5 marks for signing the nuclear deal )

9. Performance on law and order at home: 2 /10 (You called J & K and Naxalism as Law and Order problem and every one can see your success)

10. Performance on planning, fund allocation and utilization: 2/10(MOST FUNDS get returned- WHAT PLANNING?)

11. Performance on enhancing the competitiveness of Indian industry & exports: 410

12. Performance on making India’s voice heard in the global affairs: 3/10(Yeah, our voice does not reach Myanmar where ULFA CHIEF IS HIDING!)

13. Performance on rural upliftment – farmers, rural infrastructure: 3/10 (suicides on the rise,grains rotting,scams in imports and low MSP to our farmers)

14. Performance on healthcare: 4.5/10(health cards is a good begining...lots to do)

15. Performance on delivery of justice: 3 10(Plans to free 75% undertrials-lets see)

16. Performance on raising funds from divestment, issue of Telecom licenses: 5/10(could have been better if they had not scammed the 2G auctions)

17. Performance on wealth creation in India: 00 /10(MORE BILLIONAIRES AND MORE BPL!)

18। Performance on brand building for India: 1/10

19. Performance on climate change: 2 /10

20. Performance on empowerment of youth: 1/10

21. Performance on women welfare: 1/10

22. Performance on long term planning: 00 /10 ( Infact, there is no plan )

23. Performance on budget / deficit: 2 /10

24. Performance on approvals / industry: 3/10

25. Performance on SME: 2/10

26. Performance on Education reforms and capacity building including vocational courses: 4/10

27. Performance on infrastructure creation & new towns: 1/ 10

28. Performance on curbing corruption: 00 /10. His defending his telecom minister, A.Raja who is at the centre of the rs 60000 crore 2G spectrum scam in his press conference speaks volumes on his desire to curb corruption!

29. Performance evaluation of the team / reports: 04/10

30. Performance on transparency & accountability of public servants and representatives: 00/10

31. Performance on public perception: 4 /10 (This was much higher before elections in 2009)

32. Overall performance versus commitment & mandate: 2/10

Dr Singh, we believe that leadership is performance and you are failing badly. Time to shape up! Good image is not performance! We are not surprised as your team of advisors lack ‘common man’ and internal critiques. You have advisors who are out of touch with reality. Correct this immediately.

As honest tax payers, it is our duty to seek answers from the people who use our money and run the ministries. Every minute you people spend in your office or every inch that you move is funded by money collected as tax from people like us. We need your response

Article contributed by Shri Rajendra. P. Gupta.