Monday, March 26, 2012

Vilification Campaign against Modi and India. Pl react.

It has come to our notice that organisations based abroad are indulging in vilification campaign against Mr Modi and the State of India ,citing Godhra Riots, Kandhamal and Kashmir among others.

We would like to point out to these elements which include Dr. Najid Hussain, Mr. Shaheen Khateeb and Dr. Angana Chatterji thatYour slandering campaign against Indian representatives like Mr Modi and the entire Indian state and a result of the sick mindset and a Muslim hegemonic desire over India. You portray India and Mr Modi as a modern day Frankenstein who devours Muslims and the entire Minority ( By the term Minority, I do not think that Muslims can be called that in India, as they are the 2nd largest Majority in India).

We will attempt to reason with your organisation and hope that sanity is given to you by the Ever Merciful.

Lets start with your pet project- Vilification and demonizing Mr Modi. Godhra riots took place because Muslims murdered 59 Hindus. It was a communal reaction and the State did its best to control the riots. Where is Mr Modi coming in? Lies after lies have been planted by modern day Goebbels like you and your organisations with a hope that when lies are shouted at full lung power, again and again, some may believe them to be true. People of Gujarat have moved ahead and your rabid procrastination will not be able to instigate them.

Today Gujarat is leading India in the path of progress and its Muslim citizens are better off than your brethren in not only other parts of India, but in places like Pakistan, Sudan, Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places where Muslims are butchering countless other Muslims. Would like a response to what you feel when Assad's henchmen are going on a killing spree in Syria and the Taliban hordes are endangering the populace in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. More examples are possible but not needed as a few words are enough.

Are people and orgs like yours afraid of Strong Nationalist leader like Mr Modi coming to power and negating the influence of the Petro dollars on Indian polity? Are you afraid that your hidden agendas will not only be countered but eliminated by leaders like him? Is this your real fear? Stop be -fooling people of the world.

And stop shedding crocodile tears. Do you really believe that there have been no worse cases in the world ever? Have you forgotten the plight of the Kashmiris Hindi pundits who have been killed, maimed, tortured, raped, hunted and driven away by your monsters in Kashmir? And that in a country when you are showcasing as a laboratory of ethnic cleansing, far bigger than that of Hitler as he massacred the Jews, the same Jews which a vast proportion of Islamic countries would like to destroy, given the chance. So stop your holier than thou approach. Also the evil designs of the unholy Pakistan over Kashmir has created this problem and its proxy war had killed thousands. Jihadi camps across the border In POK are a living proof of the rogue support a rouge state gives to terrorists. So sad , Muslims once again killing Muslims?

Now on to Dr Angina oops, Angana Chatterjis testimony on Odisha (Please at least know the proper names of places in India), mass killings in Kashmir and plight of Sikhs- Hey We have news for you- What happened in Odisha was a tribal backlash on Christian propaganda who were working for proselytisation by luring the innocent tribals into Christianity by tricks and money and was an incident of violence and a law and order problem which was tackled accordingly and there has been peace since then. She has the audacity to compare Kashmir to Palestine! She is akin to a snake which bites the hands of the one who gives milk to it.Wonder how much funding is sh receiving from the Anti India lobby?Ms Angana is lucky that she has been born and is a citizen of democratic India or else she would have been put behind bars or more for sedition in a lesser state.

Pl note facts can be either suppressed in a totalitarian state, tin pot dictator countries or sheikhdoms, and India is none of these but the largest and the most vibrant secular democratic country in the world. Wonder how many Islamic countries allow such freedom as India? Give equal rights to all citizens as India and where minorities become the Constitutional heads like Prime Minister, Presidents, Governors, chief Justices, Chief Election Commissioners and all relevant posts? Do you have even one country in the world where Minorities get such rights? The answer is a BIG NO!

Indian State does not discriminate on terror issues unlike what that woman has stated. There are umpteen cases where terrorists across communities have been held. Please remember, a terrorist is a terrorist! If you want more details, I will be glad to provide the same to you. And I am sure that you already have those answers with you, considering that you have a well orchestrated professional machinery in place to head the smear India campaign.

The biggest sick joke cracked by her is regarding the Sikh brethren. No Sikh in India is under Khalistani illusions and Punjab is one of the most progressive states, once again headed by…wonder of wonders a BJP and Akali Dal combine! Wow. What a combination!

There are other organisations which have sought US intervention over the suspension of Sanjeev Bhatt! now this is called meddling and no one likes meddlers.

These people say Narendra Modi’s government is guilty of ethnic cleansing. Modi is India's Milosevic. Now that is a slander campaign which needs to be tackled by the masses and we appeal Indians to give suitable reply to such people,

We are Indians and proud to be so. Our Hindus and Muslims Live together and even when we fight , it is our internal matter and no outsider is allowed to poke their noses into our affairs. Don’t forget our Muslim soldiers killed many a Pakistani in Kargil war and the entire Muslim community is one as far as India is concerned. They enjoy more freedom than any of the Islamic theocratic states and are proud Indians.

Mr Modi, I reiterate is poised to be a part of Indian destiny and you soon will have an opportunity to eat crow! So even though Time may be lying, Brookings Institution blog article may be lying, and may be top Indian journals and industrialists may be lying, only sick minded anti India organisations spearheading these vilification campaigns are Right!

I once again hope that you see reason as whatever propaganda of falsehood you try to promote will be defeated by us, the people of India.

Vande Mataram and Jai Hind

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  1. My Reply is Rashtriya Swabhimaan + Yug Darpan = Rashtriya Yug Swabhimaan Darpan ie Rashtra hamara, Yug hamara, Swabhimaan hamara sabko Darpan Dikhana kaam Hamara.